About us

Rockferry Homewares + Design was originally started in Melbourne back in 2014 by us, Annabelle and Andrew, from our little apartment and storage unit on Chapel St. 

From the outset our goal was to stock creative, fun, thoughtfully designed and crafted brands mostly from Australia and New Zealand - with the odd special brand from further afar. We want our range of products to add a beautiful touch to your home no matter your personal style, and to allow you to own and gift items that are truly special and stand the test of time. 

Six years later, and after pausing the store for a few years to grow our family and move over to New Zealand, we are re-launching with the exact same mantra. Our list of brands has barely changed and some of the products remain the same as the ones we stocked in 2014 - showing the longevity of thoughtful, local design and manufacture.

We absolutely LOVE every piece in our store and hope you do too. Share pictures with us - we'd love to see them in their new homes! 

Happy Shopping! 

P.s. We often get asked 'Why Rockferry'? Rockferry (actually Rock Ferry) was the name of the farm that Annabelle grew up on. The name has so many memories of home and family and it is so special to be able to continue on the name and those memories.