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Design tips: Kids bedrooms

Design tips: Kids bedrooms

There is no blueprint for designing the perfect kids bedroom - not only is every child different in their likes and interests, but every family dynamic is different (e.g. shared bedrooms or sleeping solo), and bedroom sizes vary significantly! There is however a general checklist to creating your childs DREAM bedroom while also keeping it a functional and beautiful space that ties into the rest of the home. In following these tips we improved our boys sleep while also creating a new play zone for them which allowed us to move more of their toys out of the lounge and into their bedroom (WIN!)....

1. Keep it simple

Bedrooms are usually a relatively small space so by pairing back the design elements you create a clutter free space with more room for play and less distraction come sleep time....not to mention less clean up! Toned down paint colours with pops of colour in linen and wall art/decor help achieve simplicity. Stick to a small number of colours and repeat these in different textures to create simplicity that is still interesting and fun for your children. 

Above: simple, neutral kids bedroom from homestolove.com.au.

Below: keeping it simple doesn't have to free of colour. The bedroom below uses fun pops of colour in small doses against a monochrome backdrop. The simplicity of colour scheme allows fun details such as the beautiful wallpaper to shine. Room by The Stables. 



2. Play time.

Create a play zone that is seperate to the bed(s) with only enough toys to keep your children entertained during some quiet time in their bedroom.  Ensure everything has it's place so clean up is a breeze and ensure it is easily accessible so they can potter away in their bedroom on their own without help to haul out storage boxes and drawers. A low cubby/cube shelf like those below help create a play zone with toys and books being accessible and everything having a place come clean up time. If space allows pair with with a bean bag or desk/table for reading and creativity. The play zone keeps kids off the beds also! 

Above: low cube shelving allows easy access to and visibility of toys for kids PLUS a play surface above for playing shops, cooking, construction etc. From Projectnursery.com

Below: gorgeous hideaway storage baskets and draws with special items on display. Pic via Rockabyemummy.com.


3. Restful vibes. 

While it's great to create play in the bedroom - your children still need to be able to sleep. Restful and natural colours in on trend tones - current earthy favs of blush, ochre, taupe etc are a go to here - combined with plenty of negative space (empty wall and floor space) and easy tidy up of mess mean their little brains can shut off at night. 

Above: Neutral tones by Rockferry Homewares + Design (us!).

Below: Once again a relatively busy wallpaper is kept calm through only small amounts of colour elsewhere in the room, repeated in different textures and plenty of white. Pic www.homestolove.com.au.


4. Storage, storage, storage.

Get storage in wherever you can. Built in drawers beneath beds are a quick and easy fix in small bedrooms - likewise well made bunks will often built storage drawers into the bunk steps (see below). 

Other great storage options are the cube shelves mentioned above and under bed trays on wheels - hide large toys like trains and lego under the bed, to be rolled out when needed. Use baskets to group like items and hide away less aesthetically pleasing toys (looking at you red, blue and yellow plastic). 

At a minimum your children's bedroom will have stacks of books. If space is tight opt for book ledges from the likes of Ikea, Shut The Front Door and other retailers. These can sit snug against a wall and also act as a beautiful piece of art in itself, displaying beautiful cover artwork. 

Above: Under bed storage via One Kindesign



5. Bed Linen

If Paw Patrol Duvets are your thing then go for it! But if you're trying to keep the kids bedroom decor in line with the rest of the house you can create fun and beautifully cosy beds for kids using designer linens....

Above (Studio McGee) and below (Domino Mag) show great examples of kids/bunk room bedding that is playful and fun but can grow with them. While the kids are little add a dino wall hanging that can be removed later and you're good to go.

If Dino's and super heros are a must, there are many brands that offer these in muted/monochrome tones.

8. Timeless design that will evolve with your kids.

Your ten your old probably isn't going to be interested in that Paw Patrol duvet or cute wooden toddler bed so buy once and buy well. Choose a bed that will last them through to their teens and can be updated through linen or other decor around the room - classic wood and neutral fabrics. 

If the room will eventually be shared, buy matching beds (if space/storage allows) as soon as the first bed is needed so that you are not trying to find a matching bed in years to come. 

Make age specific decor easily removeable - cute wall decals, hanging decor and affordable art can easily be switched out. Books on display can also be easily updated and replaced as your child grows.